Bad Broadband Speed

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Bad Broadband Speed


Is your internet really slow – Can BT or Talktalk do nothing to improve this.
Are you in a rural area with no hope of good internet speeds.

TWComputers have solutions which we have provided for many clients giving them speeds of up to 100MB download.
Just think all of the family can now do things like run xboxes, stream netflix and of course run your office business.

For example one of my clients “ houstonlandscapes in Cumbernauld” they were lucky if they got 1MB of internet and it was affecting the office where they had little or no internet all the time. Could not download clients files at times or took for ever.

We solved this problem by installing a sim only router and has been going great now for over a year.

If you think you could benefit from this upgrade give us a call or e-mail to discuss options, I look forward to hearing from you.