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Computer Security - Stop Hackers

At TWC we specialise in securing Networks and Computers
I have had callouts from new clients after they have been hacked into sometimes losing money or held to ransom to get there data
back. All of this could be prevented with the correct AntiVirus, Firewall, Malware scanning software put in place.
If you have concerns about your network or computer we can arrange a consultation to ensure you are protected for the future.

TWComputers offer a complete on site IT security assessment, covering all areas of computer security, including physical access, password security, policies and procedures and more.

Email attachments – even when the email comes from someone you know and trust; you cannot be sure they have sent it themselves and they may have been infected by a virus, which was sent under their name.
1. Phishing: fake email messages that claim to be from an organisation that you may trust (e.g. a bank, government, university), which often ask you to provide or “verify” personal or account details by replying or clicking a link.
2. Don’t be tempted to ‘click this link’
3. Never give out your personal information
4. If in doubt, do not use the link in the email.
5. Don’t open attachments from people you don’t know or if you’re not expecting them 6. Watch out for common phrases – look out for phrases like “verify your account” or “if you don’t respond within 1 day etc your account will be closed”
7. If in doubt, don’t do anything contact us and we will advise on the correct way forward.

How to stay safe from email viruses and malware
1. Do not open an email attachment unless you know what it is and who it is from
2. Don’t be tempted to ‘click this link’
3. Any .zip file attachment that contains an executable file (.exe file) be aware of these Web browsers – Can easily get infected Anti – Virus – critical to get the correct one installed as some just dont protect you. Malware scanner – You need this over and above your anti-virus software and again choosing the correct one is important. Windows Updates – always install the latest Windows updates to secure your computer. Social Media – Would you tell a complete stranger personal imformation, probably not but if you post things on your Social Media accounts that is what you are doing. Set your privacy high on social media and watch what information you give out.