Upgrade your hard drive to SSD

upgrade hard drive to ssd
Laptop or PC going slow
Here at T W Computers we can replace your old hard drive with a new SSD drive giving much faster performance.You dont need to reinstall your Windows system as we clone the old drive to the new drive so you have everything as it was but much faster. No more waiting for Windows loading up, its almost instant.I did an experiment for a client and timed their computer with the old drive and it took about 5 minutes to load up, once I cloned the drive to a new SSD drive and it booted up in about 40 seconds.The upgrade also fixes a Windows 10 problem in that the new ssd hard drive after the upgrade no longer runs at 100% all the time.This used to drive me mad as to why the hard drive runs flat out. Run your Task Manager/Performance/Disk and see what I mean. I have being doing this for offices and home users for over 5 years and it puts smiles back on the faces of my clients to see what a difference this makes.Typical cost for 1 TB Crucial SSD drive cloned and installed in your PC or Laptop is £180 Memory upgrade for 4GB ram is £40e-mail for a quote of your exact laptop or pc model

Replace your old hard drive with an SSD and go Faster
•So if you want to have a computer or laptop that starts fast and runs fast.

•You dont need to reinstall all your stuff from old to new drive its done when cloned.

•No more waiting to run tasks.

•Its like having a new computer.

•We would also recommend upgrading the memory for Windows 10 if it is running on 4GB at present, min should be 8GB the difference is vast.

•Both upgrades to my mind is a no brainer its like converting an old car to a Porshe without costing a fortune, why wouldnt you.

•For home or office this is the best investment you can make.

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